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Company Profile

SJP began operation in 1984 as a sealing device supply company, supplying mechanical packing, gasket and seals to the marine industry. Since then, the company has grown into a manufacturer of assorted variety of metallic gaskets such as Camprofile, Spiral Wound gasket, RTJ and double jacketed gasket, ranging from 1m to as high as 5 meters in diameter.


The company has also invested into the latest process technology machine tooling such as, the CNC automated knife gasket cutters, and CNC laser cutters. These machines eliminate the need for manual processes, thus enhancing better precision output production with much better accuracy on gasket like CNAF, Filled PTFE, flexible graphite, rubber, metal inserted and steel gaskets.


SJP also specializes in mechanical seals and pumps refurbishment, utilizing the latest technology and work process flow, together with stringent quality control to ensure the best seal and pump upgrades. Manufacturing excellence and continuous improvement is reflected on the approval of our quality system ISO 9002 and API 6FB standards, in addition to the many authority and customer approvals that SJP have acquired over the years.


SJP are the sole distributor for Chesterton International’s range of products, as well as working in close collaboration with Teadit, SGL Carbon, Victor Reinz, Valqua and TAG, all of which enable the company to service a very wide industry group, such as Oil/gas, Oil refining, Petrochemical, Marine, Power generation, Water and Waste water, Chemical, Steel, Pulp & paper, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Food & Beverage.


The Mechanical Packing Division offers both braided and die formed packing and injectable compound packing solutions to reduce leakage, extend meantime between repair and repack, and reducing fugitive emissions. Our Seal division has proven component seals, cartridge and split seals to give the end user improved reliability and extend performance of their fluid handling equipment.


SJP’s ARC Division offers the latest coatings technology for elbows, pipes, pump casings, chutes, feeders, cyclones, fans, impellers etc which acts as an excellent surface protection against corrosion, erosion and chemical attack. We have the capability to re-build, repair and protect the equipment surfaces to extend the life of the equipment , efficiency and minimize downtime, all at a fraction of the cost of having the parts replaced.


Our Plant Maintenance Division offers products and total system solutions for production process, facility and maintenance needs in Cleaners and Degreasers, High Temperature Greases and Lubricants, Metal Working Fluids, Maintenance specialties like Anti-Seize Compound , Penetrating Oil, Belt Dressing , moldable gasketing and Corrosion Control.


SJP’s manufacturing operations, servicing centers, sales and distribution with Head Office in Singapore, together with Asia Pacific offices located in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia, offers exceptional service and quality solutions at very competitive pricing to meet every customer’s needs.


Our success and accomplishment is base upon a simple philosophy –


"We constantly increase the overall competitiveness of our customers by continuously improving their plant’s performance…"